The Twin Cities Ghosting League is comprised of hundreds of athletes from around the Metro area who all have one thing in common: a love of Ghosting. While we would love to acknowledge each and every one of them, space and time constrictions just wont allow that. We do, however, have to recognize a few people that work here at Ghosting HQ and keep the League a well oiled machine.

Name: Molly "Sneak Attack" Costello

Skills: Agility Crowd Weaving, Camouflaged Hiding, Website Running 

Signature Ghost: The Vanishing Pants

What She Brings to the Table: Like an experienced hunter in the wild, Molly makes very little movement or noise as she sneaks up behind her prey, ready to pounce. Her eyes are focused and her shoes silent. Be careful, she might be behind you right now. 

 Name:  Mary "The Assassin" Costello

Skills: Masquerading, Hypersonic Speed Walking, Marketing

Signature Ghost(s):  The Lickety-split, The Chop-chop, The Double-quick

What She Brings to the Table:  As her name suggests, once Mary sets her sights on a high-stakes target, she will stop at nothing to achieve an unprecedented Ghost with unmatched stealth and agility. Don't let the sweet smile and glasses fool you; you'll be Ghosted before you can say "Boo".

 Name:  Natalie "Balls-to-the" Wall

Skills: Silent Running, Endurance Crouching, IGF Ghosting Rules and Regulations Liaison-ing

Signature Ghost: The Narcoleptic Ninja

What She Brings to the Table: Boisterous, loud and energetic, Natalie instantly takes any Ghost to the next level.  With swift feet and unerring balance, this tigress prowls the concrete jungle confidently. Her natural instincts and alert senses truly make her the queen of this Ghosting animal kingdom 


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